Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology
Chinese Academy of Sciences



Principal Investigator


Wenfeng Qian
Ph.D University of Michigan
Email: wfqian (at) genetics (dot) ac (dot) cn

Research Scientists

Qing Huan
Ph.D Institute of Botany, CAS
Email: qhuan (at) genetics (dot) ac (dot) cn
Ke Li
Ph.D Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS
Email: like (at) genetics (dot) ac (dot) cn

Postdoctoral Fellows

Zhao Taolan
Taolan Zhao
Ph.D Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS
Email: tlzhao (at) genetics (dot) ac (dot) cn

Graduate Students


Siyu Chen (2012~ )
Graduate Student
Email: chensy (at) genetics (dot) ac (dot) cn

Xiao Chu (2012~ )
Graduate Student
Email: chuxiao12 (at) mails (dot) ucas (dot) ac (dot) cn
Wenqing Cao (2013~ )
Graduate Student
Email: caowenqing (at) genetics (dot) ac (dot) cn
Jia Wang
Jia Wang (2014~ )
Graduate Student
Email: wangjia (at) genetics (dot) ac (dot) cn
Ying Chen
Ying Chen (2014~ )
Graduate Student
: ychen (at) genetics (dot) ac (dot) cn
Yuliang Zhang (2015~ )
Graduate Student
Email: zyl (at) genetics (dot) ac (dot) cn
Yanming Chen
Yanming Chen (2015~ )
Graduate Student
Email: ymchen (at) genetics (dot) ac (dot) cn
Kejia Shan

Kejia Shan (2016~ )
Graduate Student
Email: kjshan (at) genetics (dot) ac (dot) cn

kong jinghui
Jinhui Kong (2016 ~ )
Graduate Student
Email: akjh2017(at)genetics(dot)ac(dot)cn
Yu Wang
Yu Wang (2017 ~ )
Graduate Student
Email: 834980264(at)qq(dot)com

Visiting Students

Shuo Zhang

Shuo Zhang (2018~ )
Visiting Student
Email: 569349169(at)qq(dot)com



Lab phone: 010-64806548 Office phone: 010-64806550
Address: No.1 West Beichen Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101,China