Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology
Chinese Academy of Sciences




The long term goal of our lab is to understand basic rules in gene expression regulation and biological adaptation. There are four major ongoing research topics in our group.
(1) Regulatory mechanisms of transcription and translation, aiming to understand the function of each nucleotide;
(2) Single-cell DNA methylome and transcriptome, aiming to understand how robust transcriptome is maintained among isogenic cells that are in the same environment;
(3) The rates of point mutation and homologous recombination, and their impacts on the rate of adaptation;
(4) Ploidy and aneuploidy variation, and their impacts on the growth rate of cells (including tumor cells).

We used a number of high-throughput strategies to address these questions.
(1) Omics, including RNA-seq, Ribo-seq, and SILAC, etc.;
(2) High-throughput nucleotide replacement and reporter detection, including FACS-seq, Polysome-seq, etc.;
(3) Single-cell RNA-seq;
(4) Comparative and evolutionary genomics.

Our research is driven by important scientific questions. The current members of our group are from a variety of scientific background, having expertise in molecular biology, genomics, epigenomics, functional genomics, evolutionary genetics, quantitative genetics, population genetics, computational biology, and/or systems biology. We join together as a team, to address important questions in genetics, evolution, and systems biology, by employing or developing computational or experimental technologies needed.


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